Hot Table

Hot Table headerCome by for lunch and enjoy the many dishes that we serve up on the Hot Table

PorchettaThe Italian tradition of tavole calde, or “hot tables,” can be easily found at the back of the bakery simply by taking in the aromatic smells of Italian favorites. at 10 am we start to lay out an abundance of dishes including starters, mains, and vegetables.

Enjoy a variety of dishes such as chicken and veal sandwiches, meatball sandwiches, lasagna, various pastas, eggplant parmiggiana, rice balls, stuffed peppers, potatoes, vegetables and of coarse our famous Italian sausage and peppers on a fresh ciabatta bun.
Be sure to ask us about our daily special or “speciale giornaliera!”

SANDWICHES                               PIZZA SLICES                           PASTA

Veal $6.50                                          Cheese $1.00                                 Penne Rigate Sm$3.50 Lg$6.00

Chicken $6.50                                    Veggie $2.50                                Tortellini Sm$3.50 Lg$6.00

Sausage $5.00                                    Pepperoni $2.50                           Ravioli Sm$3.50 Lg$6.00

Porketta $8.00                                   Potato $3.25                                 Gnocchi Sm$4.00 Lg$8.00

Steak $8.50                                         Ricotta $3.50                                Angelotti Sm$4.00 Lg$8.00

Chicken Knobs $7.00                         Deluxe $3.25                                Lasagna $5.00

Stuffed pizza roll $16.99/Kg               Salad Sm$2.50 Lg$3.50

Meatball $4.00                                                                                                     Soup Sm$4.00 Lg$6.00

potato Sm$4.00 Lg$6.00

                                                                      ** EXTRA TOPPINGS $0.75, RAPINI $1.50& CHEESE $1.00

Stuffed peppers $4.50

Stuffed eggplant $3.00