Pastries headerTraditional Italian pastries (or pasticcini) come in different shapes and forms. They are crafted with simple but decadent ingredients. Many of the recipies have been perfected over the centuries to bring out the best flavors, textures and fragrances, simply put Italian pastries are exquisite to say the least. Not only do they look and taste delicious, (unlike any other dessert) they even sound delicious with exotic Italian names. In the Italian tradition, assorted pasticcini are served as a dessert, as a treat to accompany coffee, tea or hot chocolate, or as a cake alternative for celebrations and other special occasions.

Along with pasticcini, the Rustic Bakery also sells a variety of shortbreads and other kinds of cookies and dry pastries. These dry pastreies are called ‘paste da tè’ (or tea pastries) and are considered a distinct product unto themselves. Most often at social gatherings, pasticcini and paste da tè are often served side-by-side to appeal to every palate.