Fresh Bread Baked Regularly

Our bakers are hard at work all day consistently rolling out fresh bread.

Providing traditional oven baked bread is our part of our mission. Rustic Bakery takes pride in serving up breads that our customers have grown to rely on over the past 30 years.
We have also introduced a variety of specialty breads that customers love and some travel for hours to stock up on.

Rustic Bakery Oven Baked Bread

Old-school Italian bakery with a nice hot table option. Veal and chicken are both pretty good, the bread is always super fresh, but what really puts them on the map is the porchetta sandwich.

Breads and Buns

Spacattelli big & small buns
Calabrese big & small buns & loafs
Chiabata buns & loafs
Meditteranian buns & loafs
Whole Wheat Bread :Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
7 Grain Bread : Thursday
Corn Bread regular & spicy :Saturday, Sunday
Semolina buns & loafs w/ sesame seeds
Spacatto Bread
Frezzine Corn & Whole Wheat
White Flour Bread
French Sticks
Portuguese Buns
Kaiser Buns
Soft Buns on trays big & small